Preparing For New Business Forms

With the intersectoral business formula tools of the world, bilateral business meetings will be held with the officials and businessmen of 41 countries, including Africa, and...

Overseas Shipment

After our shipments to many countries, our Jordan-Algeria shipments are now on their way to reach their destination without slowing down.


Bilateral meetings between world industry form 41 country officials, ministers and businessmen and Turkish companies were made, and new business connections were made.


newly designed production lines are faster, more efficient, more optional, more convenient and provide minimum energy savings.

Industry 4.0

We provide the opportunity to work in industry 4.0 standards with automation new generation Siemens brand integration. We offer our online technical support to your service with...

Wci Form

We had the opportunity to meet with importers from African countries and introduce our business and products with the WCI Form, which is the world inter-sectoral cooperation forum.

Domestic Shipments

A gypsum corner profile machine that can draw a total of five types of profiles (gypsum corner, gauge 6, gauge 10, detail corner and lozenge patterned rough plaster profile)has been shipped